The office of the Ombudsman of the International Four Wheel Drive Trainer’s Association is independent of and from the Leadership and Executive of this organization.  The Ombudsman will address Member concerns neutrally, and assist in the process of conflict resolution.

The work and facilitation that the Ombudsman takes on behalf of members will be strictly confidential, impartial, and independent.

The process will be informal and the Office of the Ombudsman has no formal powers to sanction anyone at any time.  The Office exists to achieve a fair process by which to resolve conflict in the International Four Wheel Drive Trainer’s Association.

The Ombudsman can:

  • Answer questions.
  • Help analyze your situation.
  • Help develop options for addressing your concerns.
  • Identify and explain relevant I4WDTA policies and procedures.
  • Listen carefully to your concerns and complaints.
  • Refer you to appropriate persons and arrange meetings.
  • Recommend changes in procedures or policies.

The Ombudsman cannot:

  • Advocate for specific concerns.
  • Direct anyone to change a decision.
  • Make binding or administrative decisions.
  • Make decisions for you.
  • Make, change or set aside policy, procedures, rules or regulations.
  • Provide legal advice or represent you in a legal manner.
  • Replace or circumvent existing channels.

Please download and complete the form and send to  [email protected].

Ombudsman form