Goodwill use of the I4WDTA logo and trademark should be guarded by all members to ensure it is not misused.  At the same time, our members are encouraged to use the logo to identify themselves and their businesses as holders of the highest standards of 4WD education and training.

Permission is granted to all our members in good standing to use the I4WDTA logo for business purposes, and to help our members display the logo for credential validation.

The logo can be downloaded from our website by any member using their website login information

Typical uses of the logo:

  • Your company, or individual, website
  • Business cards or any related electronic identifier
  • Apparel, gear, training material
  • Displays used in typical business settings
  • Decals, patches, or related uses

Rules for using the logo:

  • Do not modify or alter the logos
  • Do not change scale, skew or rotate any logo
  • Do not change the design of any logo
  • Do not change or vary the colors of any logo (gray scales is acceptable)
  • Do not combine a logo with any other design, trademark, graphic, text or other element, including your name, any trademarks or any generic terms
  • Do not associate or use logo for any political, religious, or any other affiliation not approved by I4WDTA Leadership

If a member has any questions regarding logo usage, contact a member of the leadership team for clarification or guidance.

To obtain the logo download the following file. The file contains the logo in scalable formts.