At I4WDTA, we're dedicated to promoting excellence in 4WD training. Managed by our certified members, we uphold the highest standards in 4WD education. As a professional association, our unique peer evaluation system ensures standardized excellence, making us the trusted authority in all things 4WD. Join us in driving the industry forward and elevating your skills to new heights.


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Why get certified?

At I4WDTA, we're passionate about elevating 4WD training to new heights of excellence. As the premier certification organization in the industry, we're dedicated to setting the standard for professional accreditation. Our certification not only validates your mastery of 4WD techniques but can also open doors to exciting opportunities in the industry. Whether you're looking to advance your career, enhance your skills, or join a community of like-minded professionals, becoming certified with us is your pathway to success

Benefits of Being a Member:

Besides the recognition and credibility as a certified expert in 4WD driving and recovery techniques worldwide, all certified members share the following benefits:

  • Access to exclusive training materials and other resources developed by industry experts as well as library
  • Networking opportunities with other certified members, instructors, manufacturers, and professionals in the 4WD and related community
  • Discounts on training programs, workshops, and merchandise offered by the organization
  • Your professional profile in the association website for prospective clients to find and validate your certification
  • Inclusion in a global community of 4WD enthusiasts and professionals dedicated to excellence and safety
  • Continuing education and specialty courses opportunities to stay updated on the latest advancements and best practices in off-road driving

How to Become a Member:

To become a member of the I4WDTA®, aspiring trainers must possess substantial expertise and experience in 4WD driving and delivering high-quality training or education. If you believe you meet these criteria, we welcome you to apply for certification. During the peer review process, which spans a week, candidates will showcase their advanced knowledge and skills in all aspects of 4WD and recovery. Additionally, candidates will undergo assessment of their teaching proficiency across their areas of expertise. Sending the application is just your first step.

Requirements for Application:

  • Minimum age 21 years
  • Valid Driver Operator license
  • Current First Aid/CPR certification
  • Minimum of 3 years of verifiable teaching experience
  • Ability to drive various vehicles, both manual and automatic
  • Authored training curriculum and example that you can share for review
  • Verifiable experience in 4WD driving and recovery, professional bio

The Test for Certification:

If you are up to the challenge and meet the application requirements apply to be eligible to attend the Testing for Certification (TFC).  So what happens during this event?  Well, first of all, it is not training.

The I4WDTA TFC takes place once or twice a year and spans from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon of a single week.  During the week, candidates are provided with the standards of the organization, refreshed on many topics that are tested daily, and tested in Adult Education Theory.  Every day there are practical training applications and simulations were candidates  demonstrate their abilities.

Certified Instructors operate the TFC and perform daily formal evaluations of each candidate against the standards, as well as provide feedback throughout the day, corrective actions, and are available for candidates during their evening study time.  To aid in the classroom and evening study sessions, each candidate receives a binder with all the key information and refreshed presentations that will be used throughout the week.

This week-long evaluation can be demanding both physically and mentally as candidates will be working outdoors for long periods of time, studying at night, and must be ready to continue to perform challenging activities the next day.  At the end of the TFC a written and practical examination, and peer review, will complete the overall evaluation.

Candidates are will be informed of their final evaluation as certified, on probation, or did not pass.  Certified members are those have earned the title, “I4WDTA® Certified Trainer”.  On probation are candidates who need to close identified gaps and can return for final evaluation during the next TFC.  Candidates that do not pass did not demonstrate the required skills to the I4WDTA standards and are encouraged to continue to develop those skills and return when they feel they are ready to try again.

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