The I4WDTA® Training Standards

As the leading global authority in 4WD professional certification, the I4WDTA® is committed to upholding and continually elevating the highest standards in 4WD education. With our unique standards-based program, we set the benchmark for testing and certifying 4WD trainers. We firmly believe that effective educators must not only possess deep knowledge and skills in their field but also excel in imparting that knowledge to others. Through comprehensive training in Adult Education Theory and practical instruction, our Certified and Master Trainers are equipped to deliver top-tier education to a diverse range of OHV operators. We also prioritize the ongoing development of our trainers through Continuing Education opportunities.


Worldwide 4WD Professional Certifying Organization: I4WDTA® is the premier global authority in certifying 4WD trainers.

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Standards-Based Curriculum: Our unique curriculum and development program ensure the highest training standards in the industry.

educator skills

Focus on Educator Skills: We prioritize not only subject matter expertise but also excellence in teaching skills among our Certified and Master Trainers.

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Continuing Education: We provide ongoing opportunities for our trainers to maintain and enhance their expertise through Continuing Education programs.


Safety and Mission Performance: Our certification translates into safer vehicle operation and successful mission performance for consumers, industry clients, and government agencies, resulting in lower operating costs, higher equipment availability rates, and better-managed operational risk.

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