Excellence in 4wd Training

Test for Certification (TFC) event the week of September 22-27, 2024 in Tularosa, NM.

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I4WDTA working with Ford Motor at the Romeo Proving Grounds, partnering for continuous education and training

I4WDTA® sets the bar for 4wd training.

We are the International 4-Wheel Drive Trainers' Association:
the standard in off road recovery and driving instruction.



I4WDTA® is the global leader in 4WD instruction, driving and recover. Our members set the global benchmark for 4WD training.

WHat we do:

Leading the way in 4WD instructor certification, our rigorous process combines technical, practical, and peer evaluation, ensuring the highest and industry-leading standards.


Who we work with:

With clients across recreational, military, government, and industry sectors, we establish the highest standards of expertise in both subject matter and teaching through our esteemed certification process.


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